Sea kayak Rental

We offer variety of different sea kayak types and models suiting the need of beginner, recreational and expert kayakers!

Prijon Seayak

Kayak overwiev:  

The Prijon Seayak Kayak is one of the most popular and versatile open water touring boats ever made. The upswept bow and stern design of the Seayak provides exceptional rough water handling. It is superb boat for the hard-core or casual open water paddler. The Seayak’s Trihedral hull provides outstanding speed, stability and, without question, the most amazing glide in a plastic touring kayak. The fit is secure and accommodating with the comfortable ergonomic seat and the on-the-move adjust-ability of the back-brace. High capacity storage compartments and complete deck outfitting make the Seayak an ideal boat for long self-supported trips, day cruises and river tours.

RENTAL PRICE:                

1 day  ...............  40€
7 days ............ 189€ (27€ per day) 
14 days .......... 280€ (20€ per day)

Prijon Poseidon

Kayak overwiev:

Tandem kayak is the same length as most single touring kayaks. Its slim shape and pronounced keel lines at the bow and stern offer great tracking. It is primarily suited for tours in open waters and along the coast which require a boat that keeps on track and has easy running abilities.


RENTAL PRICE:             

1 day  ...............  55€
7 days ............ 245€ (34€ per day) 
14 days .......... 400€ (28€ per day)

Perception Gemini Scooter

Kayak overview:

The exceptional stability and user friendly handling means you need look no further for a versatile kayak to suit friends and families at the beach, lake or river. On the water you can relax on comfy padded seats and backrests in self bailing areas, whilst the screw hatch and water bottles allow you to take a snack for refuelling.

Three's company in the Scooter Gemini tandem! Paddle with two, or make it a family outing for a small child or the family pet. Paddling solo is also no problem from the centre seat. Keeping the same cool lines, profile and fun colours as the single Scooter, it is one of the most popular choices around.

RENTAL PRICE:             

1 day  ...............  50€
7 days ............ 150€ (21€ per day) 
14 days .......... 250€ (18€ per day)


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